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          Maintenance 2.6.7


          Maintenance icon
          Name Maintenance 2.6.7 www.bqgdi7k9.top.zip
          Size 9.77 MB
          Created on 2020-05-11 14:33:53
          Hash 18f911a711e907e81d789ee90bef85ac74d17691
          Files Maintenance 2.6.7 www.bqgdi7k9.top.zip (9.77 MB)

          Descriptions for Maintenance 2.6.7

          Maintenance is an operating system maintenance and cleaning utility for macOS that you can use to perform miscellaneous tasks of computer maintenance: run periodic scripts; rebuild the databases; delete application, font, and system caches; and more.


          • Check the the structure of the disk
          • Repair permissions
          • Run periodic scripts
          • Reset Spotlight’s index
          • Rebuild the LaunchServices database
          • Delete application, font, and system cache


          macOS 10.15.0 or later

          What’s New in Maintenance 2.6.7

          • Issue corrected that occurred when rebuilding the LaunchServices database
          • Issue corrected when verifying the volume from a standard user
          • Deleting the applications cache improved
          • Some parts of the source code have been optimized
          • Update routine improved


          Maintenance 261 Screenshot 01 1hjqnian
          Maintenance 261 Screenshot 02 1hjqnian
          Maintenance 261 Screenshot 03 1hjqnian

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