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          Torrents for Mac Apps, Games, Plugins

          How to Get a Password

          For avoid losses by the copycat websites, we decided to implement the authentication for provide the password. Why DMG, ZIP and RAR files are protected by password is same reason too.

          Way to authenticate to get a password

          1. Enable Cookies access
          2. Download torrent file from this site
          3. Password Authentication Expiration
          4. If you can’t get a password after…

          1. Enable Cookies access

          Authentication is using cookies. Please enable cookies access from this site in your web browser first.

          For details, see: Enable Cookies in Your Web Browser

          2. Download torrent file from this site

          Way to authentication is download torrent file from this site by enable cookies. So download torrent files after enabled cookies.

          For details, see: How to Download Torrents

          3. Password Authentication Expiration

          The authentication expiration is 24h. But it will be expired when you get a password three times.
          After expire, you need authentication again.

          4. If you can’t get a password after following above steps…

          1. Clear your browser cache
          2. Open the download page again and reload the page
          3. Download torrent file again

          If you still see “authentication failed or expired” after clear cache and reload the page, you might need clear browser cookies too.

          During the authentication, www.bqgdi7k9.top tries to set a cookie three times by different way for avoiding fail to authentication. If your environment is really allowing to access cookies from this site, it is impossible to failed all three times. So if you still see a failed message after trying the above 1 to 3 procedure, it’s very likely that your environment is denying access to cookies from this site for some reason.

          For example…

          • Ad-block plug-in/app
          • Anti-Virus plug-in/app
          • Proxy
          • Browser settings

          It’s different depending on the environments.

          Published : 2019-10-29 Updeted :